Programming-related rants, some hilarious, some depressing. If you have suggestions for new entries here, please send a link to <felix@call-with-current-continuation.org> ! "Programming Sucks" by Peter Welch
Why you shouldn't parse [X]HTML with regex, by bobince
About the ICCCM, by Sean Neakums
"How Software Companies Die", by Orson Scott Card
About temporal measurement, by Robert Grudin
"How To Write Unmaintainable Code", by Roedy Green
"Programming is terrible", a talk by tef
"Devil's Dictionary of Programming", by the same
From the Scsh Reference Manual, by Olin Shivers
"Ed is the standard text editor", the last word on editor wars, by Patrick J. LoPresti
"I hate almost all software", by Ryan Dahl
"Oh yippee, a new build system", by Richard Purdie
"Everything is Broken", By Quinn Norton
"Dizzying but invisible depth", By Jean Baptiste Queru
"the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit", By Fredrik DeBoer
About corporate language, by Lucy Kellaway
Rant from "Our Comrade The Electron", by Maciej Cegłowski
System software research is irrelevant, by Rob Pike
"Verification Techniques, Wherein existing methods for building secure systems are examined and found wanting." By Peter Gutmann (full text: https://researchspace.auckland.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/2292/2310/02whole.pdf?sequence=2) (PDF)
Software Disenchantment, by Nikita Prokopov
Against software development, by Michael Arntzenius
The broken promise of re-use, by Uwe Friedrichsen
Everything's broken and nobody's upset, by Scott Hanselman
Modern software development is a cancer, by Igor Ljubuncic
Quantum computing as a field is obvious bullshit, by Scott Locklin
Javascript is cancer, by Ted Dziuba
I'm going to scale my foot up your ass, by the same
Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit, by Steve Yegge
"Both C locales and wchar_t are shitfucked retarded legacy braindeath", by "wm4"
Code comment regarding the Adobe PSD file format
Javascript required, by "tommorris"
"GitHub, f*ck your name change", by "MooseyAnon"
Why we will win the war for general-purpose computing, by Andy Farrell
Never update anything
Code bloat has become astronomical, by cliffski
The Internet is already over, by Sam Kriss
I Will Fucking Haymaker You If You Mention Agile Again, by "Ludicity"
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