,---.| | `---.|--- ,---.,---.,---.,---| || | ,---|| || | `---'`---'` `---^` '`---' "Strand" is an open-source implementation of the identically named parallel Prolog dialect as described in the book "Strand: New Concepts for Parallel Programming" by Ian Foster and Stephen Taylor. Strand represents a very elegant and concise notation for expressing concurrent and distributed algorithms using very few fundamental language constructs. This implementation of Strand is written in Forth and runs on Linux x86-64/ARM, Mac OS X x86-64 and OpenBSD amd64 systems, has no dependencies and is entirely self-contained. "Strand" is a trademark of Artificial Intelligence Ltd., which once offered a commercial implementation. Version: 3 Read the User's Manual
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The latter archive contains an rc(1) script for simplifying Strand projects that use multiple nodes on one or more machines. The particular version of rc(1) used is this one: rc(1)
Release History: Version 1: Initial release Version 2: * Language changes: - Double-quoted strings can now be used as a more convenient syntax for lists of character codes. - "command_line/1" now includes the program name as the first element in the returned list. - Added primitive processes "get_global/2", "put_global/2" and "chdir/1". * Runtime system changes: - On x86_64, the Forth engine is now significantly faster due to inlining of the inner interpreter in the assembly language kernel. - Signal handling has been implemented for Darwin, and a bug in the Mach-O binary generation been fixed. Also, the interface to the "pipe(2)" system call is working now (Many thanks to Jorge Acereda MaciĆ”!) * Library changes: - Added "list:append/2", "list:split/4", "list:trim/3", "list:trim_left/3" and "list:trim_right/3". - "proc:execute/3" accidentally left file-descriptors open in the parent process. - "proc:execute/3" now properly searches PATH for locating the program invoked in the subprocess. - Added "proc:capture/3". - Added the "~s" (char-list) format specifier in "fmt:format/*" - "io:read_byte_stream/2" and "io:read_char_stream/2" do not close the input stream at end of input. * Tool changes: - Fixed incorrect passing of debug-options to remote process-invocations using the "strand" tool in strand-utils.