88 88 88888888888 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88aaaaa 88 88 88""""" 88 88 88 Y8a. .a8P 88 `"Y8888Y"' 88 Version: 8 "UF" is a traditional Forth system for the "uxn/varvara" virtual computer. Uf is written in Tal and itself and provides an interactive text interface, uxn assembler, decompiler and screen editor. The system is not threaded, it compiles to native UXN code, but currently only minimal optimizations are performed. The mapping of Forth source code to VM instructions is nevertheless relatively direct, so performance should be more than sufficient in all but the most speed-critical situations. Cells are 16 bits, the full system consists of around 25K, with around 4K needed for screen memory and buffers. Suggestions for improvement or patches providing enhancements and corrections are very welcome, see the User's manual for information on how to contact the author. This software was written by Felix L. Winkelmann and has been released into the public domain. Do with it whatever you like. Installation instructions and general information
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Release History: Version 8: * All calls to Forth words use immediate branches now, which reduces the code size of the prebuilt ROMs by several kilobytes. * Renamed ROMs to "uf0.rom" (minimal), "uf.rom" (tools) and "ufx.rom" (graphical console + editor). * Heavily commented both the uxntal kernel and the Forth source code. * Fixed corner case in "bounce" example (thanks to Harry Prins). * Adapted kernel to newest UXN system version for stack-access primitives (many thanks to Devine for resurrecting the wst/rst system device ports). * The kernel uses immediate branches were possible, which reduces the kernel size slightly. * `pause` has been removed, `rfind` has been exposed. * Added `halt` and `input-type`. Version 7: * `include`/`included` catches attempts at nested inclusion (thanks to Alex Wennerberg for pointing this out). * Fixed `sample` to also set the sample length (thanks to Harry Prins for pointing out this problem). * Dropped metadata stuff. * Added "lib" subdirectory with a few helpful things. Version 6: * Fixed off-by-one errors in `>=` and `<='. * Allow ^x in unlocked mode. * Added `include` and `included` (suggested by Alex Wennerberg). * Fixed bug in `clamp` and thus make `at-xy` work, which uses it. * Dropped ^i handling (uxnemu already shows stacks on F2). * Use text color for cursor to be visible in monochromatic mode. * Added icon to banner. * Added metadata. Version 5: * Added `audio` to select current audio device. * `page` was not exposed to the default dictionary (thanks to √Čric Ortie). * `]` didn't restore the proper vocabulary order. Version 4: * Fixed serious bug in logic for input-grab (used by ^r, ^g and ^m) which caused return stack underflows. * ^d joins next line if followed by whitespace. * Unrecognized control-code combinations are ignored now. * Loading a block prints the block number. * A warning is shown when a word is redefined. * Added `-;`. * `thru` ignores non-existent blocks. Version 3: * Added ^l (page) shortcut (suggested by Devine Lu Linvega). * Added support for multiline snarf + paste (^ENTER, ^x). * Newlines in snarfed text spanning multiple lines and pasted text are correctly handled now. * New words `2variable`, `2constant` and `where`. * Made some small optimizations in the kernel (courtesy of Devine Lu Linvega). * Exposed `stdin` to override console input events. * Using the scroll-wheel in the editor jumps to previous or next block. * Sh-Up recalls last entered line in interactive mode. * Shift + Arrow-keys replace block-navigation keys ^h, ^n and ^p. * Added ^y as an alias for ^v. * ^g, followed by a number of digits allows direct jump to indicated block. * Removed `copy`, use ^r to copy block interactively. * Added ^m to move block. * Fixed missing argument in `filedelete`. Version 2: * Small optimizations in kernel, suggested by Devine Lu Linvega. * Typo fixes in documentation, thanks to Devine Lu Linvega and Prof. Dr. Dr. Feinfinger. * Fixed wrong calculation in `depth`. * New words `snarf`, `yank`, `theme` expose editor functionality for general use. * `.s` prints the contents of the working stack now to the graphical console instead of just invoking the system's debug port. * New words: `2r@`, `pick`, `.vocs`, `marker`, `list` and `new`. * `unused` is now available in the full non-graphical environment. * Added minimal support for shadow (documentation) blocks: `Doc` and `Code` (and ctrl-key ^h) switch between a block and the corresponfing shadow block (blocks 1000+). * `filename` doesn't use pad but dedicated 256 byte buffer. * The cursor position in the editor is retained now properly between block changes. * Fixed bug in `scan` (thanks to Alex Wennerberg). * The tabulator key inserts spaces instead of overwriting following text. * Block lines starting with "\" are drawn in a different color. * Fixed bug in `postpone`. Version 1: * Initial release
gopher://schinkel.bevuta.com/1/uf/uf | gemini://schinkel.bevuta.com/uf/uf.gmi